Two Intensive Storytelling Courses this Summer

Be selfish. Raid the housekeeping and pay to go to Bleddfa. The return on your investment will be enormous…The best, the warmest, the most fun and beneficial course I have ever been on

Phil Okwedy – professional storyteller

Last year we managed to put on two cracking storytelling courses, in spite of the lingering pandemic. We were looking forward to 2022 when we heard that the Bleddfa Centre would be shut for the year. Then we heard that the centre would open but only for our storytelling courses. There are a few last things to sort out but, right now, it’s looking promising!

Storytelling Performance Intensive with Michael Harvey (Dates to be confirmed)

This is for you if you want to delve deeper into more challenging material, put a new piece together or just get a lot better at storytelling. Find out more here…

Thank-you for an amazing and inspiring weekend. It has been liberating and wonderful. Has given me a technical tool box and boosted my confidence.

Participant Feedback

Storytelling and the Body with Michael Harvey (Dates to be confirmed)

This is for you if you want to be more at ease in your body and to discover what a rich and profound source of storytelling creativity it is. Find out more here…

“One of the most radical and relevant pieces of training I’ve ever been on as a storyteller.”

Tim Ralphs – professional storyteller

Everything was cancelled in 2020, of course but 2019 was a special year for us because it was the 25th year of storytelling courses at Bleddfa. You can read more about the history of the course on our blog. We are very happy to be back for 2021!

We have been providing top class storytelling training for over twenty-five years in Bleddfa. Many stalwarts and pioneers of the UK storytelling storytelling revival cut their teeth here. You can read some of their stories in the blog as well as some short video interviews.

Back in the early days of the course we were lucky enough to have two Scottish Traveller storytellers spend time with us. Duncan Williamson and Shiela Stewart are sadly no longer with us but we cherish their stories and our memories of them. You can read about their time with us and their impact on us in the blog posts The Story of Duncan Williamson and the Snail and Remembering Shiela Stewart.

We are proud to have welcomed people from all over the world to Bleddfa storytelling courses over the last quarter century and many of our participants do not speak English as their first language. We have been able to accommodate a wide level of English competence on the courses and people are very welcome to use their own language in their telling. If you have any concerns about your level of English please do email me.

Click on the links below or use the menu navigation to look around and please feel free to email me if you have any questions about the courses.

Storytelling Performance Intensive

Freeing the Storyteller’s Voice

Storytelling and the Body

Participant Feedback

Looking forward to welcoming you to Bleddfa!

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