Daily Timetable

Bleddfa Week of Storytelling

9.30a.m. Warm-up

10.00a.m. Question and Answer with the previous evening’s Visiting Storyteller (on three of the mornings) followed by a Workshop with Michael and Hazel.

1.00p.m. Lunch and free time

3.00p.m. Individual Tutorials (from 3rd day)

4.30p.m. Informal story sharing/working with stories

6.30p.m. Supper

8.00p.m. Public Performances

The bulk of the teaching, led by Michael and Hazel, will be in the morning. The work is practical, experiential and playful and will give you a clear and creative orientation for your work with stories once you have left the course.

The three returning Bleddfa storytellers who will be telling in the evenings will also run a short Q&A session with course participants on the morning following their performance. Topics covered might include aspects of storytelling practice, running a storytelling club, applied storytelling in education, health and other fields, tricks of the trade, how to run a storytelling business etc. It will be a real insight into the day to day business of being a storyteller.

The afternoon story-sharing is a try out slot for stories you are working on. We keep the time slot short to ensure that all can tell a couple of times or more during the week and it is just a time for telling. Constructive feedback is addressed in the main workshop sessions.

The free time is yours do with as you wish. Some people explore the locality, others pore through the hundreds of story books which Hazel and Michael make available and a good few use the time for a well earned siesta!

Michael and Hazel perform on two of the evenings with the guest storytellers on three of the other nights which leaves two evenings for the participants. These are joyous occasions, open to the public, who also occasionally contribute, and the final night is followed by the, now famous, Bleddfa bonfire (weather permitting).

The first day starts at 4pm with a welcome session, orientation, story activity, supper and a storytelling performance from the two resident tutors. The final day finishes after a shared lunch.

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Course content inquiries: Michael Harvey  +44 (0)7812 166138 michael@michaelharvey.org