Accommodation, Food & Travel


Camping – Participants can camp in the orchard next to the building where we will be working. The centre has hot showers, fridge, kettle and hot plate for the participants to use.

If you are camping in a tent or vehicle you will have to pay a small camping fee which you can find on the payment page of the course or courses you have booked on. The links are below

Freeing the Storyteller’s VoiceThe Storyteller’s BodyPerformance Intensive

Bed and Breakfasts – There are a number of accommodation options locally. Most are too far to walk so you will need to have the use of a car or arrange a lift with another participant. Accommodation within 15 mins drive of Bleddfa


The course fee does not include food. Participants prepare their own breakfast and lunch. There is a well stocked supermarket in Knighton about a 15 min. drive away.

I am very pleased to tell you that Jess Curtis of Sugar and Spice in Llandrindod will be catering for us again this year. Her food gets great feedback every year and we are very happy that she will be back with us again.

A two course evening meal costs £13.00 and Jess can cater for vegetarians, vegans and those with dietary restrictions in the most delicious way. Once you have booked you will receive a form asking for your preferences and requirements.

To pay for your meals please use the links above.


The Bleddfa Centre lies in the middle of the village of Bleddfa in rural Radnorshire. The village is on the A488 between Penybont (near Llandrindod) to the West and the border town of Knighton to the East. Knighton has a railway station and is around 15 minutes by car from the centre. There is no bus service. Click here for a list of local taxi companies.

A bit about Bleddfa…

Bleddfa is a village in rural Radnorshire in the Welsh Borders in the Lugg Valley. It is secluded and beautiful today but was part of border warfare in the Middle Ages, including a notable victory by Owain Glyndwr just a couple of miles from the centre.

From the Bleddfa Centre you can walk straight into nature and enjoy stream-side paths, oak woodland, stunning views from the hilltops and, just a few miles away, the aptly named ‘Water Break its Neck’ waterfall. Looking up, you are more than likely to see buzzards and red kites wheeling overhead.

How to say ‘Bleddfa’

The ‘dd’ sound in Welsh is pronounced as a voiced ‘th’ would be in English. So think of the ‘th’ in ‘then’ or ‘that’ (not the one in ‘three’). The ‘f’ in Welsh is pronounced as an English ‘v’. The ‘e’ and ‘a’ are pronounced just as in English (a for apple and e for egg). Easy!

The name Bleddfa means ‘the place of the wolf’ and is one of the many places where the last wolf in Wales was supposedly killed, however we try and keep the spirit of the wolf alive and kicking in our workshops!

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