Tutors and Visiting Storytellers

Bleddfa Week of Storytelling

Our resident tutors, Michael Harvey and Hazel Bradley, guide and facilitate the whole week as well as leading workshops and tutorials and performing. In 2019, for our twenty-fifth birthday, we invited participants from previous courses who have made their mark on the current storytelling scene to perform and share something of their storytelling practice. We found that these storytellers had a lot to offer our participants and had more understanding of their experience and needs than more experienced tellers. Since they had all done courses at Bleddfa more than once they were able to tell our participants how to make the course really work for them.

In 2020 we will invite one experienced and recognised storyteller and one former Bleddfa student to lead sessions for us and perform during the week.

Michael Harvey and Hazel Bradley – resident tutors

Michael has told stories both as a solo performer and with other artists throughout the UK and Europe as well festivals in North and South America. He is a familiar performer in the UK festival and club scene and draws particular inspiration from the Welsh oral heritage and landscape. He combines depth of material with lightness of delivery which is timed and paced to perfection and minted fresh for every audience. Following on the success of Hunting the Giant’s Daughter in collaboration with the production company Adverse Camber he is currently touring with Dreaming the Night Field. He has won a Major Creative Wales Award, and took part  in the the 3rd Labo at La Maison du Conte in Paris and has been a  featured teller at the National Storytelling Festival in Jonesborough, Tennessee.

Hazel has had a lifelong interest in storytelling. She trained originally as a drama teacher, then for many years worked with people with learning disabilities. She has travelled extensively performing
and giving workshops in India, Japan, Australia, Canada, Slovenia,
France and Belgium. After many years of living in South India she trained as a movement and dramatherapist and then as a storyteller. She has co-facilitated the Bleddfa Week of Storytelling since 1999. Her particular love is for Japanese folk tales and myths but she draws from an extensive repertoire. She also leads myth enactment workshops where participants delve deeply into the meaning of a particular myth or folktale in a non-verbal way.

In 2019 we werethrilled to invite three storytellers who trained at Bleddfa to perform in the evening and share something of their practice with the group.

Andy Johnson

Andy Johnson has been building up a reputation in the arts and storytelling world. He has a unique style of telling and includes local tales, true stories, ghost stories and wisdom tales in his repertoire.
He draws on a lifetime of working in the library world where he promoted storytelling, literature and developed close community links.
In the last 7 years he has told in a variety of settings, including – storytelling and music festivals; libraries; schools; gala days; women’s clubs; storytelling clubs; open mic nights; private house parties; after dinner storyteller at a conference and last year Liverpool Cathedral.
It has been said he has a gentle, engaging style; a self-deprecating sense of humour and brings a warmth to all his stories.

Phil Okwedy

Born in Cardiff of a Welsh mother and Nigerian father, Phil Okwedy is a performance storyteller and myth-maker who draws deeply on his dual heritage and multiple cultures. He regularly performs in storytelling clubs and has featured at Beyond the Border and Aberystwyth Storytelling Festivals, as well as at Kea Festival in Greece and Fabula Festival in Sweden. He has recently published his first book, Wil & the Welsh Black Cattle, a set
of Welsh folktales framed around the mythology of the ancient cattle drovers.

Cindylou Turner-Taylor

Cindylou has been telling stories for over 30 years. Her clients include children of all ages and abilities, community groups, church groups, festival audiences, clubs and folk who want to mark a that special birthday. Cindylou will make you laugh or sigh, giggle or cry. She’ll make you flush with excitement and sometimes find comfort amidst years of pain. Whether you are tucked up in the inglenook of a welsh pub, seated in a warm hall or crammed into a spacious marquee, Cindylou will transport you to distant worlds with stories that combine the ancient and the modern.

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